The Scout Fuller Fund for Social Justice
2017 Grants

In 2017, the Scout Fund awarded grants to the following organizations:

Choices for Freedom advocates for youth in the criminal justice system, formerly incarcerated youth, and children and communities impacted by the system. Its founder, Nate Williams, a formerly imprisoned "lifer," and "Street Rev" Frank Smith run a before-school program for elementary school children in Oakland, California.

The Intercultural Community Center runs afterschool and summer programs that address the needs of refugee, immigrant, and asylee students in grades 3-8. Students gain English fluency, solidify academic gains, and develop social skills in a fun, low-pressure learning environment. The program also offers sports, recreation, arts and crafts, and field trips. 

The Locker Project in Portland, Maine was started by a parent who noticed that some students in her child's classroom had no food during snack time. The Locker Project works with school staff and volunteers to provide students with healthy class-time snacks, staples, and fresh foods to take home for the times they are most likely to experience hunger. It distributes fresh food donated by local supermarkets, grocers, bakeries, and farms at school events.